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Save your Natural Beauty

When it comes to the beauty industry, the signs of contamination are more visible than ever. Our physical well-being has clearly suffered in the hands of commercialisation and the selfish motives of giant corporates. Let's face it - things are now on the verge of collapse.

While the damage done is irreversible, the only step we can take is to ensure that we make pure choices from here on. And, purchasing products that are free of contamination is a good way to begin.

Welcome to the beautiful, exquisite and 100% pure and natural world of Earth Essence.

This is where we create pH balanced personal-welcome products, free of harmful chemicals, using organically certified ingredients. Take a tour of this world and make a choice - after all, it's never too late.

Champions of this Cause

Earth Essence is the brainchild of Founder Ashish Kampani and co-founder Mrs. Nayna Kampani. A serial entrepreneur in the fields of hospitality, engineering, FMCG and commodities, Ashish has brought his entrepreneurial skills on board while Nayna has embellished the brand with her deep-rooted understanding and two decades long experience of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Wellness and Alternate Therapies.

Ashish had done it all. From being a Director at a top-notch company that handled turnkey projects in the East African Market to playing Distributor and Marketer for a reputed Pharmaceutical Company. He also saw through the execution of Mumbai's hot and happening Resto-Pub Onyx, a global cuisine restaurant called Flags and brought to the discerning out-goer, great dining experiences with restaurants like Open Affair and Spice Garden.

Although on top of his game for many years, Ashish recently developed the desire to find more morning in his line of work. That feeling pretty much set the tone for his next venture - Earth Essence.

The story so far

On insistence of Mrs Nayna Kampani (The Research and Development Head of Earth Essence), Ashish Kampani, an ardent user of imported hair-care products reluctantly shifted to homegrown so-called herbal and Ayurvedic products. Despite this change and the general perception that natural products made in India are free of harmful and synthetic chemicals, some dissatisfaction was still lurking about.

The Fruits of Our Labour


The Fruits of Our Labour

Face Wash

The Fruits of Our Labour


The Fruits of Our Labour




The bounty of nature is for all, irrespective of your gender. As the forerunners of natural care, our entire range of products is protected from gender bias and stereotypes. We believe that purity is not just the privilege of one gender but a right that ought to be conferred upon all genders.


In the hope of unifying people and personal care regardless of their color, we are proud to assert that our entire range of products is suitable to any skin type, irrespective of the skin color or texture. With us, liberate personal care from false constructs of color and beauty standards.


Gone are the days when personal care was a luxury of the privileged few, the entire range of Earth Essence’s products are affordable and pocket-friendly. With us, the best is always within your reach!


Like environment, like personal care. Because we are deeply connected with nature, we have made sure that all are products are carbon neutral, leaving no negative impact on the environment and ensuring nature’s sanctity.

Take the pledge

I pledge allegiance to my natural beauty, and in saying so, I pledge to protect my hair and my skin from the effects of harmful toxins, from this day on. I hereby take it upon myself to shun the purchase of adulterated personal-care and contaminated beauty products.

I surrender myself to the healing properties of Mother Nature, packaged and brought to me by 100% pure and organic Earth Essence.